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video updates!

Last week or so, I released a video called "Me, Myself, and Oster" where I play both the client in the chair and the hairstylist.

If you want to see how some of it was made (the non-green screened parts), I have the audience in the "peanut gallery" for the hair cutting portion of the above video in the live stream video at

I clippered my nape with my Oster 76 clippers and then cut my bangs/fringe with a scissors.

The next YouTube Live, I tried out a Flowbee But the handheld vacuum wasn't powerful enough.

So after last week's live stream, I re-shot that Flowbee video to be apart of a podcast/webseries in the future. This time, I hooked up my Dyson. Yep, that worked! You can see the results from it in last week's YouTube Live at (My hair was butchered.)

After that, I visited a chain salon for a fix. I wasn't allowed to shoot any video in the shop. :( I did shoot a little before and after on my phone. I'll see about editing that soon and posting it.

For now though, you can see a couple photos from this haircut experience at

In other news, I started editing a video of Molly's haircut. This was shot last year, I believe. I'll post a photo in the blog tomorrow.

Also, tomorrow, I'll be doing an upright shampoo and roller set during a YouTube Live. Be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications to my YouTube channel to be notified when I post new videos or go Live (both thanks to my Patreon supporters).
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