haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

salon sink update video!

If you enjoy before and after DIY videos, I posted a video on YouTube where I take my Marble Products pedestal shampoo salon sink, model 500, and updated it with enamel paint and some new hardware. Including some hardware to allow me to use this cool shampoo bowl in the garage studio where there actually is no plumbing. :)

In other news, I will be listing some items on eBay soon. Two skirts will be up in about an hour. I'll be listing some hairdressing gowns within a few days. Here's the link (which is also my affiliate link)

I'm looking to upgrade my cameras. I purchased one already, so you should be seeing better quality, especially in the video above. It was shot in 4k. =D
Tags: diy, ebay, marble products, salon sink, youtube video

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