haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

salon chair, sink, and dryer are done!

Oh my. While expecting each project to take a day or two, it took about at least a week each! (Yes, several trips to hardware stores and sometimes then purchasing supplies online happened). With bruises, lots of cursing, painted clothing and skin, and a couple of broken nails, all three projects are done!

Well, the salon chair dryer will need to be upholstered to black at some point, but finding the fabric is tricky, since it has been discontinued, but that's okay, it can wait. :)

Here are the finished projects! (Videos of each will be posted on YouTube within a month or two).

And just to jog your memory, here is what the salon chair dryer, salon chair, and salon sink used to look

I'm going to fill the water "tank" after I post this blog posting. I'm charging the camera battery. I haven't had time yet to cut my hair, but hope to either tonight or tomorrow. My focus was putting on the green screen background (done!) and all those fun things mentioned above.

In other news, I purchased a Flowbee! Ever since I saw it (a parody knock-off) in the first Wayne's World movie, I've always wanted to try it myself. Tee-hee.

Oh, and I have towels to put next to the salon sink. I'll pull them out of the dryer now.
Tags: chair hair dryer, diy, salon chair, salon sink

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