haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

new hair dryer - Automatic Cycle Normandie Thermo Control

Welcome Automatic Cycle Normandie Thermo Control salon hair dryer to your new home!

This dryer does heat up well. Because the brown salon chair portion is boring, I will be removing the dryer from the chair and adding it to the gold one. (I really like the foot rest the gold one has). I have already scrapped the gold chair's dryer, as I couldn't get the dryer to heat up.

I will remove the gold color fabric and re-upholster it with black vinyl. I need to do the same with the green salon chair too. My goal is to do these soon or during this upcoming weekend. Hopefully, I have enough fabric to do both in one sitting. :)
Tags: chair hair dryer, diy, normandie, salon chair

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