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My salon capes

People ask me often if they can buy salon capes from my personal collection. The answer is no.

Sometimes I will buy a bunch of aprons and salon and barber capes in bulk and I will sell those on eBay. I currently have some vintage yellow shampoo capes on eBay at (affiliate link)

Once those are gone, they are gone for good.

Sometimes I make extra cotton-cloth barber capes or satin salon capes and I either put them on eBay (see link above) or have a giveaway contest on YouTube. To be notified of my new eBay auctions, Follow Me on eBay.

To be notified when I post new videos or do YouTube Lives, subscribe and turn on notifications at

During May's Bingo YouTube Live, I will be giving a vintage yellow cape away. Please see a previous blog posting or watch my bingo YouTube video for more information.

One cape that you will see for three videos is my new black PVC salon gown with red satin interior. I showed it off in a YouTube Live, I dressed my husband in it for a nape shave video coming up, and I feature it in a video on it's own, also coming up. I love this cape and if you'd like to own the same one that I do, or if you want to swap PVC colors or satin colors, you can buy it at (affiliate link)

You can also ask to make it longer or have other alterations done, if you'd like. eBlue is cool like that. =D

I have fabric to make a few more capes. Once I make them, I'll decide what I'll do with them at that time. Once my YouTube channel hits 100,000 subscribers, I'll make and give a cape away monthly for a year. :)
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