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YouTube Live Bingo - Sunday, May 17th at 10 am USA Central Time

Let's play bingo! You can play from anywhere in the world to win hair and beauty prizes. Free to play. It'll occur on Kat's May 17th YouTube Live, starting at 10 am USA Central time. Be sure to subscribe to Kat's channel to be notified of when the game starts.

You can always find the current time for Kat at

This fun bingo event will help benefit the USA USPS. You can learn more at

If you'd like to further help the USPS, you can order a book or two of stamps at

You can also write to the USA Congress to ask them to help out the USPS by texting USPS to 50409

To Play Kat’s Bingo

  • You must be a subscriber to Kat’s channel .
  • A specific bingo pattern will be given before at each game. Your bingo must match that pattern to win. ***Check back as I'll post the patterns we will play here within a few days***
  • As soon as you get a bingo, you must type BINGO in the chat. Email a copy of your winning bingo card to and which specific prize was offered at that game. Provide your mailing address and your YouTube name.
  • One winner per game and once you win, you can’t win again during that YouTube Live, as we want other people to have chance to win.
    Get your free standard bingo card at
  • If you have your own standard bingo cards, you can make a copy and use that.
  • Winners can be anywhere in the world. Prizes are free and shipping is free. Winner is responsible for any customs fee or taxes. Kat is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or undelivered packages. Unless it's prize is the labels, winners will receive a tracking/customs number to track their package. (USPS doesn't have the best international tracking though, sorry).
  • Any personal information sent in will be deleted once the prize has been sent out and tracking/customs information emailed to the winner. Information will not be kept, sold, given away, or etc. Kat values your privacy.
  • Any winners announced will be listed only by their first name (unless they prefer their YouTube name used instead) and prize won.
  • Prizes must be claimed within a week. Any prize not claimed will be given away at the next prize game event.
  • Prizes will not be substituted or replaced with financial value.
  • is to be used for game winners only. All other email will not be monitored.
  • Have fun and good luck!

If you want to see all the prizes that you can win, check out the video at

List of Prizes (in no particular order)

  • Head Massager
  • Two packages of vintage Hess red perm rods, as seen in for souvenirs only, not for use
  • Olivina Men Concrete Shave Bowl
  • Three sets of three different vintage Hess shampoo labels
  • Canvas "Where do all my bobby pins go" storage bag
  • ABCDEFUCKU journal 100 lined pages
  • Salon Powder Free Latex Free NitralonBlack Resusable Gloves, 10 medium black
  • Vintage Diana Vinyl Shampoo Cape, yellow, hook closure, 36x54 inches
  • Holiday ornament with real human hair inside
  • Cremo Classic Shave Kit - shaving cream and horsehair beard brush
  • Barber Pole necklace, gold-colored, heavy

Kat looks forward to playing Bingo with you!
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