haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Kat's Antique Perm Machine Perming Video

While most of our videos can be found and downloaded from there are some videos that are either too large (over two hours) or are more mature in content which can only be found at NSFW C4S

There will be a few of the very long videos, such as Kat's Antique Perm Machine Perming video from this C4S site, I will be putting on YouTube for all to enjoy watching (and learning how hair used to be done a retro perm machine!) This video can be found at

Videos such as Princess Kat, Alucard's Punishment, Emily's Body Shave, Richard's Shampoo, and Button Curler Punishment will stay on C4S.
Tags: c4s, perm machine video, youtube

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