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Since I've been asked about my hair as a child so many times, I thought I'd write it here, and will direct people to the tag "my hair adventures" if they wish to read about all my hair adventures.  The list of tags can be found on the right side of this blog.

I remember having my hair in pink sponge curlers once as a child.  Maybe in 3rd grade?  They were put in after a bath, and I was supposed to sleep in them, and have them taken out in the morning.  But those curlers weren't comfortable, even though they were made of soft sponge, and by morning, most of the curlers lay in the bed and on the floor.  My hair nearly straight as always.  The curls that I did get from the remaining curlers were gone by noon.

As a child, my mother always cut my hair, because it was cheaper and faster that way.  I don't think I ever saw a beauty salon until my high school years.  (And no, I didn't ever go to a barbershop until I filmed a video at one a few years ago).

My mother also cut her own hair, my father's hair, and my siblings hair.  And it was always cut short.  At one point, my hair was cut so short, I thought that I looked like one of my older brothers. 

My mother also cut my fingernails to the pink, which I absoluletey hated.  It hurt!  So I would hide my hands around her.  But some mornings I'd wake up and find that my nails were cut during the night. 
How she would cut my hair was to have me sit in a chair in the kitchen nude.  This way clean up would be much easier, as fallen hair on clothes wouldn't always be washed free in the wash, and would stick to other clothing, causing the wearer to itch all day.  Sometimes she would use the thinning sears first.  But more often, she would hack away using a comb and scissors.  I hated having my hair cut.  But I dared not to move, as that would mean having my hair cut shorter, and I didn't want to go to school looking like a boy.  Once the haircut was finished, I'd brush myself off and take a shower/bath.  Some of the places that I lived in had either or.

Once I hit middle school, I no longer had my hair cut, except for my bangs, as my mother hated hair in my face.  I was allowed to wear makeup in 8th grade.  I tried it one day, but was made fun of, because I didn't do it right.  (Later as an adult, I would teach my mother how to wear makeup correctly.)

I didn't experiment with hair color until 9th grade or so.  Then it was with reds and dark browns.  My father would always tell me that I look like a hooker and that all my hair would fall out from coloring my hair.  But I didn't care.  I also enjoyed parting my hair different every week.  I didn't learn about hair gels and hair sprays until later that year, from a boyfriend.  I loved the way that his hair smelled and was styled.  He told me the brand and I used that through out high school, especially when I had to slick all my hair back 'cause a elderly stylist cut my hair so badly that it didn't look good unless it was slicked back.

Later part of high school, I would have my hair set for proms.  This is when I started going to the beauty salons.  Every set and style that I got was reminiscent of an older era.  One time I had such a head of huge curls that my prom date laughed at me.  I hit him hard in the arm and told him that I liked it and didn't care what he thought.  But for the next proms, my hair was set in updos.  I really enjoyed getting those.

Around my high school years, I also got a few spiral perms.  The smell back then was really strong.  Not like most perms of today, where some have a nice odor to them.  These perms were done before I visited that home salon where the older stylist hacked by hair badly as stated above.  Yes, I went to her to get rid of the fuzzy permed hair, but I was expecting a haircut to have style to it, not a lifeless boring cut.  Oh well, better communication is key.  I learned my lesson. 

After the hack job, I didn't get another perm until my permanent wave machine perm this past year or so.  I began getting windups when I started filming perm/windup videos last year. 

Oh, I'm going to get out of the time line a bit, just because I really don't think linear and my concept of time isn't like most people's.  I'm more of those "conscience stream of thought" people. 

Anyway, back in middle school, I also began wearing my hair in pony tails and having the front part put up into a ponytail or clip.  My best friend at the time always wore her hair like that, and sometimes we show up at school with our hair styled in this same way.  We sometimes also did each others' hair at sleepovers. 

It was also in middle school where a kid in my class, this fun goofball guy, had his head shaved.  I can't remember if he asked us to feel his head or if we asked him to.  Either way I remember being overtaken by how smooth his head was.  As his hair grew out, I love the prickliness of it too. 

This guy also came to school once wearing nail polish, and at one time, a dress.  He got sent home for that.  I never understood why.  I've often wondered what ever happened to him, you know, what's he's doing today.  

I almost feel like I'm forgetting something.... oh yes.  In my senior year of high school, I began having my nape shaved when I got my hair cut/trimmed.  I don't recall ever asking for it at first.  The stylist did it as part of the haircut.  Since it was during the summer time, I felt the difference it made once I stepped outside the door.  The look of it was fantastic, as was the feeling of a completely smooth nape.  I would wear my hair in a ponytail just to show my nape off.  Of course, that ponytail helped keep me cool in the summer's heat too!

I'd find myself rubbing my hands over my nape, enjoying the smooth and prickly sensation as the hair grew.  When it grew too long, sometimes I'd try to shave it myself, or stop back in to have my nape shaved.  I had a part-time job at this point, and could afford those special trips to the beauty salon.

When I began modeling in my college years, I learned that once you had "your look" you couldn't cut your hair or do anything that would deviate from "your look."  But I was advised to have my arches done and to get Brazilian waxes done. 

Well, I think that's about it.  I hope I touched on everything people have asked me previously about. 
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