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Just released! Kelseys Hair Transformation Long Hair to Pixie Haircut VOD Video on Demand Launch

Happy Saturday! Kelsey's Pixie Haircut video has now been released as a VOD (video on demand) at

Preview clip at

Here are photos from her video. (Remember, clicking on the photo enlarges it).

Today, Kelsey is receiving the shortest haircut that she's ever had in her life. Her current hair length is about to her waist. She will be getting...a pixie! What inspired this change? Her friend had shaved her head and it looks great!

Once Kelsey shows off her strawberry blonde hair length and gives an interview of her previous hair maintenance, she sits in a salon chair in a studio for her haircut and style. The hair stylist puts her hair up to wrap a neck strip around her neck and drape a black and white stripe barbershop hair cutting cape on her. He pinches the hair clip to release her hair and brushes her hair out before putting it into a ponytail.

The stylist shows Kelsey giant scissors and her eyes widen. He proceeds to cut off her ponytail with them. The scissors make a loud snipping noise. Once the ponytail is off, the stylist shows it to Kelsey. "Oh my gosh," she says upon seeing it. Then she laughs.

The stylist sprays her hair with water and combs her hair back with a white-tooth comb. He tests her hair to find her natural part. After he has found it, he sections her hair and holds it with a clip. Using a standard hair comb and haircutting scissors, he begins cutting and shaping her hair into a pixie haircut. He uses a guarded straight razor to cut her bangs/fringe.

Watch as the hair hits the floor and the barber cape. Kelsey is all smiles during the haircut. Soon, the stylist removes the neck strip, unbuttons the cape, and uses the guarded straight-razor to shave her nape. He rubs some hair gel into his hands and runs them through her hair. When Kelsey runs her own fingers through her hair, she is amazed at how short her hair is! She giggles and laughs.

The stylist finally hands her a mirror and her jaw drops. "People are going to frickin' flip!"

Needless to say, Kelsey loves her new look. And she looks fantastic.

Duration: 52 minutes, screen size 1920x1080, wmv format

After the credits, there is black screen. That can be ignored.
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