haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

previously aired livestream of Kat's barbershop haircut now on YouTube

I'll be working on the full video shot with cameras of my barbershop haircut as soon as I finish Kelsey's haircut video. I have finished the first round of editing and am now going over it the second time before rendering it. I hope to release Kelsey's video next week or so?

I have plans to cut my hair shorter, again. (There's a fun event that I want to show off my new look at. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to be notified of new hair photos I will video my haircut and put that on YouTube at some point. Be sure to subscribe and click on the notifications button to be alerted immediately when I post new videos on YouTube

I feel like my current style has overgrown, but people are still complimenting me on it. The last time I was antique shopping, I found a red straight-edge razor. (I love how it pairs well with one of my shaving brushes). I am eager to try this razor out very soon. =D

I hope to start working on my garage studio soon. A big thank you to my Patreon supporters ( Without their support, I wouldn't be posting my haircut on YouTube. Or turning my garage into a studio so I can create new videos easier.
Tags: barbershop haircut, garage repair, my hair adventures, youtube video

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