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Video release! Caroline's Long Brunette Hair to Bob Haircut

Happy Saturday! I've just released Caroline's Long Brunette Hair to Bob Haircut's video. It can be purchased at

You can find the preview clip for Caroline's video at

Here are the photos from this video. Remember that clicking on the photo will enlarge it.

Video description

Caroline, dressed in jeans, boots, and a yellow blouse has long brunette hair down to her mid-back. She decided that it's time for something more office appropriate - a chin-length angled bob. Sitting in a black scooped bar stool, she talks about her hair experiences. One of the topics that Caroline covered is the various ways that she would braid her hair. She said that the fishtail braid is her favorite. She then braids her long hair into a fishtail braid. After shaking the braid out and showing off her hair length, Caroline changes into a vintage white ruffle blouse, leather skirt, and Gothic fishnet pantyhose.

Before the haircut, the hair stylist tries out two different color capes on Caroline, to see which looks best on her and which bests contrasts with her hair color. After trying both the bright pink and lavender nylon salon capes, Kat recommends the pink one for Caroline. After caping Caroline, the hair stylist wraps a neck strip around her neck. Once he lets her hair down to prepare for the upcoming haircut, Caroline appears nervous and skeptical.

The hair stylist brushes out her hair and then gathers it into a ponytail. He secures her ponytail with two hair binders before turning on the pink Oster hair clippers and shearing above them. He shows her her ponytail. Caroline looks surprised and grins. She did it! The hair stylist sprays down her hair and combs it back with a wide-tooth comb. He sections and clips her hair. Using another comb, he begins cutting, trimming, and shaping her hair into an inverted angled bob with a haircutting scissors. He also uses a Fromm razor with a guard too.

Caroline is given bangs/fringe with the razor. Using a blow dryer and a round brush, the stylist dries and styles her hair. He shaves her nape with a portal clippers and dusts her off with a black duster brush.He hands her a mirror and she smiles. She loves her new look.

Duration approx. 43 minutes, screen size 1920 x 1280, format .wmv
Tags: bob haircut, braiding, caroline, video release

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