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hair reactions from friends

After several months, I finally had a beer with some old friends. The last time they saw me, I had long blonde hair. They were shocked when I walked in with incredibly short red hair. "You went short again!" Yes, these friends had seen me bald before many years ago. :)

One gal went to the bar and ordered a drink. While she waited, she called me over. "How in hell do you look good in every hairstyle? I can't be friends with someone like you."

I laughed. Carmen used to tell me that I was a skinny bitch and she couldn't be friends with a skinny bitch.

I replied, "It's only because my mom took care to roll me around so my head didn't flatten on one side." I made a gesture of some sort regarding my head and smiled. I told her that I had a design on the side of my head, but my hair has grown back.

"No, you didn't!"

So I pulled up my Instagram and showed her a few photos.

"That's sexy as f*ck!"

At this time, one of our guy friends peered over my shoulder. "I never had a thing for short haired girls before, but damn!"

Then I showed him the one where I had a beard. He was blown away how hot that was and we continued the conversation, which I no longer remember. Yep, a single beer got me as I rarely drink anymore.

Oh, earlier in the week, one of my bosses who came back from a trip had to ask the other higher ups where I was and who the new hire was. lol. He was shocked. I told him that I may do a flat top, just to prepare him. All he could say was "wow" before walking away.

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