haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Why I cut my hair

People online keep asking me why I cut my hair so short. I guess they don't keep up on my YouTube videos where I've mentioned it many times before.

I'll state the reasons here for an easy copy and pasting of the url. :)

Reason One & the Main Reason
My hair was severely damaged by so many bleachings, colorings, hot dryers, and Minnesota winters, I just needed to cut my hair and start over. (There is a YouTube video where I show off and cut my split ends).

No hair conditioners or masks could save my hair, I tried. Sadly, my hair was loosing its elasticity and refused to hold color. It was just too porous.

After the last coloring, some hair that did not take color fell out and looked like it had the texture of way over-boiled pasta. So gross.

Reason Two
I was bored with my long hair. With no time to do anything with it, why bother to have long hair? Also, my hair kept getting in my way - getting stuck on my lip gloss and getting caught in things, such as the seat belt return. Frustrating.

Reason Three
My hair was never supposed to get that long anyway. But my mom passed away last year. With all the grief and dealing with probate stuff, I didn't make time for myself to do anything with it or take care of it. My plan was to keep my hair shoulder length, but by the time that I felt better, my hair was too damaged to cut it to shoulder length and enjoy it.

Reason Four
I look amazing with extremely short hair.

I believe that covers it. I plan on keeping my hair short for awhile. There's still some hair on top that is damaged. I'll let it grow a bit before cutting it again. I will not be bleaching my hair ever again. I will still color it from time to time. The next color will be red.
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