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reactions to my haircut

First, if you want to see six photos from the video shoot, you'll want to click and swipe right through the photos on the barbershop's Instagram at If you like the set, please give him a like. :)

Now, to the reactions to my new haircut. I will shoot a video of this to add to the edited haircut video, but for now....

When my husband first saw me, he told me that I went too short and that he hated it. He pretended to cry and he called me a lesbian. I laughed and I told him that I'm still bi, but keep it up and I'll fully switch teams. ;) The next morning, I did slick my hair down and comb it over, which made it more business-like. I asked if this was better, and he agreed.

I wore a turtle neck, leather vest, and long silver earrings and went to work. I had several co-workers timidly approach me at first, as they didn't know if I was a new hire or not, and when they realized it was me, it was hilarious. I think they were more excited about my haircut than me! Big smiles and saying how amazing that I looked. One guy called me "bad ass." Another gal said I was now very edgy.

There was one co-worker who was not happy about how I looked though. I don't care for her myself as she is a big gossip and a couple of other things that I won't get into. She gave me the side eye and refused to say anything to me. (She, unfortunately, sits right next to me). I just grinned and tried to keep the laughter to myself. :D

I have some video shoots planned this weekend, some of which will be posted on my YouTube channel probably next month. Be sure to subscribe to be notified when they have been posted or when I do a YouTube Live

If you love my haircut and want to see more, I model and take selfies from time to time and post them on my Instagram page at

If there are additional photos from the photo set that turned out well, I tend to put those on my Patreon site at

As for my hair, I do plan on keeping it awhile. I'd need to visit a barbershop. When I do that, I'll see if I can film a video and post that on YouTube. I'd like to visit various cool barbershops in the Twin Cities, and I already have one in mind.
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