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Video release! Abby's Extreme Hair Tranformation from 4' of Hair to Pixie Haircut!

Just released - Abby's Extreme Hair Tranformation from 4' of Hair to Pixie Haircut video! This video can be purchased at

To view the preview clip, check out

And check out photos from this video (click on the photo to make it bigger)

Video description

A very pregnant Abby shows off her extremely long hair of four feet (121.92 cm). Her red hair reaches past her butt. After pre-haircut interview, James, the stylist, dry cuts her hair in stages. While she stands, the Oster clippers removes the poorly maintained ends. Next, James uses a giant scissors and a comb to cut a bit higher each time. Once her hair is bra length, Abby takes a seat and James covers her with a vinyl kiddie cape. He sections her hair and cuts it with a scissors. Watch as her hair falls to the floor. Once Abby's hair is chin length, James replaces the vintage vinyl cape with a nylon pink one. He sprays Abby's hair with water, and using a comb and a haircutting scissors, he shapes her hair into a pixie. Abby loves her new look.

Duration 48 minutes, screen size 1920 x 1080, format .wmv
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