haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

about my upcoming haircut

As of today, my haircut is 19 days away. Count down at

and folks already have questions for me. :)

1. Is the haircut video taking place at a barbershop.

Yes, it is. In fact, this place is about a four hour drive, one-way. But from their Facebook page, their extremely short haircuts look amazing. That's why I'm going there. Also, unless they remodeled, their shop looks pretty damn cool too.

2. Is the person doing the cut a barber or a barberette?

I didn't see any barberettes working there, so it will be a barber.

3. Is this going to be a live stream event?

No. Due to the costs of paying the barber, the barbershop, the time of driving there and back (food and gas), and the cost of video editing, I wouldn't be able to recoup at least some of the costs if I did a live stream. This video will cost around $2k. If someone(s) want to financially support this projection by covering this cost, I can do both a live stream and then after editing the video, I can put it on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. If there is/are backers for this project, they would be welcome to attend and feel my head afterward. I know I won't be able to stop touching my new hairstyle for days. (I love that velvety feeling!)

And if there are backers for this project, the money will go towards putting electricity in my garage so I can turn it into a studio to shoot more content easier and quicker. Due to flooding in the garage, I did have a new roof put on and gutters will be done this week. I will do a video of me tearing down the pegboard to add insulation and plastic and then a covering, so that the garage can be used in winter. :)

4. When will this video be available?

I have four other videos in the queue to be edited. There's another shoot booked for early April, which may have another 1-3 haircut models. I'm hoping for a June release for my haircut video.

5. Have I told anyone about my upcoming haircut?

Not really. I've told co-workers that I'll get it cut short eventually, but they are mostly interested in the various hair colors that I show up with. I colored my hair a rainbow with temporary colors the other month, since one gal kept asking me to do it. I got to work that day and found that she had to fly out for an assignment, so she wasn't there to see it. She was disappointed.

I'm not planning on telling anyone at work. I'm just going to show up and see what happens. I plan on dressing up that day, so they'll probably think that I got fired and there's a new hire in my place. =D

My husband really doesn't know what I'm getting. I've tried telling him a few times of what I'm interested in getting, but he always says, "Keep it at shoulder length." lol, won't he be surprised?

I haven't told my friends either. My haircut probably won't surprise them. Their response will probably be, "Why did you wait so long?" or "It looks amazing on you!"

6. Are you shaving your head bald?
No. But the sides should be shaved/faded. I'm very curious of what they are going to do. I gave them an idea of what I want, but they'll do something that suits me best. All and all, I'm very excited and eager for my upcoming haircut. If the weather can cooperate, I'd like to shoot some videos with my hair before it all goes. Today, it was 35 degrees F; 2 degrees C.
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