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Just released - Veronica's Hair Braiding and Haircut video! This video can be purchased at https://sellfy.com/p/dvEu/

To view the preview clip, check out https://youtu.be/6l9xTzrwlLM

And check out photos from this video

Here's the video's description

Veronica wears a pretty floral dress and talks to Kat about her hair expriences. Her raven locks reach currently passed her butt. She feels that her hair has gotten too heavy and could be the cause of her headaches. Although she's ready for this haircut, a haircut a little past her shoulders, Veronica is very nervous. But before her very long hair is chopped shorter, she braids her hair into double dutch braids. She shakes the braids out and then displays the length of her hair. Soon Veronica takes a seat in the salon chair, where she is covered with a pink cape and her hair is brushed out. James, the stylist, puts her hair into a ponytail and cuts the ponytail off with a scissors. James combs her hair into section, and then using a scissors and a scissors, he trims up her hair, making it even all around. Watch as hair falls and hits the ground.

*Unfortunately, the coffee shop next door decided to do some contruction work, which can be heard in the background. Veronica is also a quiet speaker.

Screen size 1920x1080, duration 43 minutes, .wmv format

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