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Lisa is making some big life changes, and one of those is cutting her very long hair to a chin length bob. Watch her full video to see this entire transformation. She looks amazing with her new, more professional look. Digital video can be purchased at https://sellfy.com/p/wHne/

Video teaser at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4q7oLyjzlfE

Photos from this video

Video description
Wearing a red skirt, black blouse, black stockings, and black ankle boots, Lisa sits on the couch with her red, waist-long hair resting on the arm rest. Kat interviews her regarding her upcoming hair transformation - a chin length bob! Lisa wraps her hair into a messy bun, one last time.She shakes her hair out of the bun and then it's time for the major haircut! Lisa takes a seat in the salon chair. The stylist, James, covers her with a black nylon cape and wraps her neck with a neckstrip. After letting down her hair, James brushes through her long hair. He gathers it into a hand-held ponytail and cuts it off with a large scissors.When he shows the ponytail to Lisa. Upon seeing it, Lisa says, "I'm just scared."

James sprays Lisa's remaining hair with water. Once the hair is damp, James combs her hair into sections and clips them up and out of the way. Using a comb and a scissors, James cuts away the bulk. He uses a thinning shears in the back to add layers. After the scissors action, James brushes Lisa's hair out to let those natural curls shine. He removes the cape and neckstrip, and then dusts off Lisa's shoulders and back.Lisa's salon chair is turned to the mirror and she sees her haircut for the first time. She loves it!

approx. 45 minutes, .wmv format, screen size 1920x1080

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