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How not to get a woman to shave her head

"Shaveyourhead" someone just published your message internationally, showing that you have no game.

Me: shaking my head

I get ask/told to shave my head all the time, so I feel for this woman. Before I tell you how you can find a woman to explore amateur head shave hour aka sexy fun shave time, I gotta credit where I found that screenshotted tweet

First, for the married gentlemen, check out what I already wrote at

Now, for the unmarried guys looking for love and no locks - first, don't lead with, can I shave your head? Or would you ever shave your head? If the woman has long hair, there's a chance she's never had it cut to even a short bob, so pulling this on her the moment you meet...or the first month of texting will drive her off. You'll need to develop a relationship with her first, before suggesting that she would look fantastic with a haircut like (name your favorite famous celebrity who has shaved her head in/for a movie and prepare to have some photos to share at some moment a couple of months later).

If you're only interested in shaving her head and that's it, that's not a relationship, which is fine, but your desire will only satisfy you; there's nothing in it for her. You're better off posting an ad on Craigslist or a for sale Facebook group offering some cash to shave a woman's head. Make the pay good and you'll probably get some messages. Just note that she'll want to bring someone with, for her safety. If that bothers you, then wait for those virtual reality games to come out a salon/barber shop setting. (Great Kickstarter idea!)

Although many women may have thought about shaving their heads at one point or another, there's not a ton of women sporting this look just yet. So, for us women, we might be extremely shy about actually showing off our shaven dome. For some women, they don't know how they will look bald and are afraid that they have misshaped heads or their work won't allow it pr etc. Thus, if a woman ever does shave her head for you, you better treat her like a goddess and the most beautiful woman on the planet, especially if you want her to keep the look.

The easiest way to find women who love short hair and bald styles, is going to sci-fi and comic book conventions. You'll want to go to places where women feel like they can be themselves. Women geeks are awesome and the sci-fi/comic book worlds have many bald female characters because bald women are beautiful, bad ass, and powerful. (This is true in real life too, but some women are too afraid to take this plunge without a great support system, because some people are douches and sadly, women get harassed both off and online no matter how we look).

Again, be respectful and get to know her first. Good luck!
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