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Maurrieta's Pen Stick Perm Rod Hair Perming video has been released!

Maurrieta's Pen Stick Perm Rod Hair Perming video has been released! Enjoy nearly three hours of Maurrieta having her hair wrapped in the vintage pen stick perm rods and have her hair actually permed. You can find it at

Here are some photos from this video

Here is the video's description

If you like awkward videos, this video will be for you. During the pre-perm interview, older lady, Maurrieta, wearing a pink blouse, black skirt, and black pantyhose tells Kat that she's never had a perm before and if she doesn't like it, she'll just have Carmen fix it. She looks very nervous and has a "yeah right" look on her face when Carmen tells her that she is going to have fun with the perm.

Carmen drapes a yellow vinyl cape over Maurrieta and ties it. She combs up Maurrieta's hair and then leads her to the shampoo bowl for a lovely shampoo. Carmen wraps a towel around her shouldars, leans her back into the bowl, and after a rinse, lathers Maurrieta's rich dark hair in white foamy lather. After the rinse, Carmen swaps the towel and cape with a fresh towel and cape and brings Maurrieta back to the salon chair.

From there, Carmen sections Maurrieta's hair into nine sections with a comb. She combs out about an inch or so section of hair and slides a end-wrap paper to the ends of the hair selection. With the pink top of the penstick perm rod already removed earlier, Carmen starts pulling the vintage blue penstick perm rods from the container and then winds Maurrieta's hair onto this very thin pen perm rods.

Carmen dips a finger into the petrolimum jelly and rubs it around Maurrieta's hairline. This way perm solution won't burn Maurrieta's face, if any drips down. and continues wrapping Maurrieta's hair. If you ever wanted to learn how to use this vintage penstick perm rods, the close up of the wrapping will show you how.

Water is sprayed on the hair wrapped end-wraps, to keep the ends from drying out. Once all the pen stick perm rods are wrapped in Maurrieta's hair, it's time for the perm solution!

Carmen swaps out yellow capes and then tucks the cotton rope around Maurrieta's hairline. This will help protect her skin from extra perm solution. Carmen wraps a blue towel around Maurrieta's shouldars and then mixes the perm solution together in a bottle. She then dons on a vinyl salon apron to protect her clothing in case of an errant perm solution squirt.

Carmen coats each of hair wrapped pen sticks with the perming solution.Soon all the hair is soaked. Carmen covers Maurrieta's head with a transparent pink plastic bag. This bag will hold the heat, causing the perm solution to process. Maurrieta's hair process for 12 minutes to start. Carmen sets the timer and walks away. At seven and twelve minutes, Carmen unravels a perm stick to check Maurrieta's hair. She recovers Maurrieta's head with the plastic cap and says that Maurrieta needs another 8 minutes.After that hair check, Carmen notices that Maurrietta's hair isn't taking the curl fully, so Carmen puts a couple of hot towels on Maurrietta's head.

Carmen squeezes more perm solution on Maurrieta's hair. Soon it's time to rinse out the perming solution at the shampoo bowl and drench her hair with neuturalizer. Carmen adds a black plastic cape over Maurietta and hands her a towel in case water splashes on her face. The cotton rope is switched out after the perm solution has been rinsed out.Carmen adds more neuturalizer to Maurrieta's hair and then leaves her at the shampoo bowl to process. Once the time is up, Carmen unwinds Maurrieta's hair from the pen stick perm rods and her hair reveals tight spiral curls. The sink soon fills up with the perm rods. Maurrieta leans back for a shampoo and rinse. When done, Carmen towel dries Maurrieta's hair.

Back in the salon chair, Carmen uses a wide-tooth comb to comb out Maurrieta's hair. She then rubs a bit of oil throughout her hair with her hands. Maurrieta isn't sure if she wants to keep this new hairstyle or not, but as it turns out all these months later, she did like it and has kept the curly perm.
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