haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

the show must go on

Today's model was a no-show.  But instead of wasting time fretting about it, I hopped in the chair for a bleach and a set.  OMG, this has to be my favorite set.   Vintage curlers were used, a kind that I had never seen before.  These locking curlers by Olivia Garden, made back in 1979, are called Variocurlers.  If anyone has a promotional brochure or display, Carmen set my hair with the pink (and white for me) perm rod set.  The resulting style was flat hair on the crown and tons of curls all around.  

If I can get more of these curlers and the brackets, Carmen can do more windups with these special curlers.  :D  

The sticks aren't needed; Pick-up-Sticks will work just fine.  :)

Now I'm off to work in the face & eyebrow shaving video.  I'll try to have it up on Friday, with both the regular and large VOD screen versions.
Tags: creative, curlers, locking curlers, olivia garden, variocurlers

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