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KFC Bowl Haircut promotion

On January 10th, KFC was running a promotion for their $3 bowls and with it, they were offering free bowl haircuts done at a salon (but it looks like a barbershop to me) in New York. The original promotion on the KFC page can be found at Near the bottom of the page, click on the dots to see some photos of men and women with modern bowl haircuts.

The New York barbershop (yep, still going to call it that), Ludlow Blunt, is a very cool, very retro barbershop with barberettes ready to cut your hair. You should check them out at If you don't have Facebook access, their website is

I called the Ludlow Blunt Salon to see if anyone came in for a free bowl cut, and yes, several folks did. The KFC team deemed it a success, and several folks are now somewhere in the world showing off their new bowl haircuts.

Hopefully, within the next few weeks, the folks with the new hairstyles will be posting selfies on Instagram with the tag that KFC urged folks to use - #kfcfamousbowlcuts Also, in one articles that I read, the KFC took after photos and may be posting them on their Twitter page at so stay tuned to their Twitter feed for those.

Just for fun, click out this webpage for "20 Creative Bowl Haircuts You Never Thought You’d Like"

Now my question to you is, if you had to choose, which would it be for yourself? The KFC bowl or the bowl haircut?
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