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Enjoy today's edition of hair in the news. A special thank you goes to Scott and Jim for providing all the links below.

'Big Little Lies' Star Reese Witherspoon Just Underwent a Dramatic Hair Transformation

Conservative Claims 'Unnatural Hair Colors' in Women Are a 'Warning Signal,' Gets Slammed on by Twitter | The Daily Dot

Cranberry Red Hair Is the Sauciest Winter Hair Color Trend - Allure

Julia Roberts Dyes Hair Rose Gold - Allure

7 Natural Hairstyles That'll Make 'New Hair, Who Dis?' Your 2019 Motto

FDA Orders Removal of Lead From Hair Dye - Allure

History of Women's Hair Removal

These 2 Winter 2018 Hairstyles Will Be So Huge, According To Jen Atkin — EXCLUSIVE

Danielle Brooks Did the Big Chop and Her Curls Are Poppin' - Allure

I Dyed My Hair Red For $1.25 Using Natural Henna, And Was Seriously Surprised At The Outcome

Cancer patients are preferring synthetic wigs

Riley Keough Reveals a New Blonde Bombshell Hair Color at Louis Vuitton - Vogue

You Won't Believe How Much Julia Roberts Has Changed

Kiernan Shipka Had to Cut and Dye Her Hair for “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” | Teen Vogue

18 Haircuts Our Editors Are Taking To Their Stylists This Fall
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