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Enjoy today's edition of hair in the news. A big thank you to Scott.

Hilary Duff Just Dyed Her Hair "Winter White" — & It Was Very Painful

5 Stunning Hair Trends That Will Transform Old Highlights Into Wintery Perfection

I Dyed My Blonde Hair To Match Cardi B — & This Is How I Look Now

The Best, Expert-Approved Bob Haircut for Every Head Shape

Anne Hathaway Debuts Bright Red Hair -- See Her New Look! | Entertainment Tonight

I Dyed My Jet-Black Hair Blonde — & Am I Beyoncé Yet?

Dark Blonde Is the Low-Maintenance Hair Color Trend Coming in 2019 - Allure

Anne Hathaway Reveals a New Shocking Red Hair Color in New York City - Vogue

The Best Winter Hair Color Trends - Health

How To Cut Your Own Hair At Home Without Regretting It

Actress Joey King called out rude plane passenger who didn't want to 'catch' her non-existent cancer

I Let My Long Hair Define Me For 23 Years, So I Cut It Off to Take Back Control

Why you get gray hairs and why it's okay to dye them | Well+Good

Ariana Grande Has Way Shorter Hair Now, and It's Gorgeous | Glamour

How to Shampoo If You Color Your Hair - How to Wash Your Hair
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