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updating beauty salon

Today I went shopping and bought the supplies that I needed to make a leg/foot rest for my barberchair.  This way the gals can rest their legs and feet comfortably.  

A few more shelves were made to hold all my vintage beauty/barbershop products.  The area is looking very nice.  I'll have to buy a new saw soon.

As I went to paint the shelves, I managed to spill paint on the floor.  While I went to get a rag to clean up, my friend accidently spilled paint on my Bonat chair dryer!  Everything cleaned up well, so no worries.  :)

The curtains are up and so is a new framed photo series.

I'll try to take a new photo of my salon soon.

If all goes as planned, we'll be shooting a film there tomorrow.  :)  I'm very excited.


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