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gettin' things done

 The webcam works again.  :)

I'm currently scanning in the first of two vintage hair dressor's text books.  Since there are so many pages, this may take me awhile.  So I'll probably do the one, and the do the other later.  Can anyone recommend a good site to host these files?  These pages are the best educational how-to perm and curl hair, using the vintage perm machine equipment that I've come across.  Again, a big Thank You! to the guy who sent them to me. 

Oh, and I started editing the face shaving video.  I can't remember if I shaved off my eyebrows too so I can show how to do the eyebrow liner.  I guess I'll know more once I get that far.  

I still haven't heard back from Verotel yet.  Hopefully tomorrow.

One reason that I've been able to get so much done today is because of  These toys are very popular among my son's friends, so I had to get a couple today.  Luckily certain stores are doing a "buy 1, get 1 free deal" through this weekend.  So after traveling (and getting lost) for an hour, these new pets kept my son occupied for a good part of the day.  :)  It was a big help since it's been raining here since yesterday, with no sign of letting up, unless you count snow as being light.  ;) 

Well, I'm going to start packing my cameras for Sunday and then get ready for bed.  Good night!
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