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 I'm sorry, I know I should have made the 1950's Deb Cold Wave Perm and Updo video available today, but I noticed a problem on Verotel's side and am waiting for them to fix it.  I'll announce the video when everything is good to go.  :)

The free updo video is already up on as of late last night.

Yesterday I deleted the webcam software and re-installed it.  I'll try to get the webcam working again soon.

Tomorrow night I'm going out.  Details on my myspace page:  I need to buy a few things for my 80's outfit.  :)

Sunday we have a video shoot.  The model is having her waist-long hair cut 4" all around for the same pink curlers as was done in the Anneli Afro Perm video.  But this model does not want her hair picked out.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend.
Tags: deb cold wave, video shoot, webcam

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