haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Plastic, polyester, and vinyl capes on eBay

Awhile back, I purchased a box of new, old stock of vintage salon capes, circa the 1960s and 1970s. Since many people have asked to buy my capes, I'm selling off these new ones. (I'm not ever planning on selling off my own personal collection again). Capes are just so much fun!

-- I will be updating this entry when I have listed all the capes --

While doing a YouTube Live with these capes, I had someone take a photo of me wearing them, so you can see how the cape lays, the colors, and etc. You can check out that video at

Now show you where you can find these lovely vintage capes on eBay

Benco Clearish/Translucent Vinyl Shampoo Cape with Purple Trim

Benco Clear Vinyl Shampoo Cape with Pink Trim

Benco Beige with Brown Umbrellas Vinyl Shampoo Cape

Benco Gray Plaid Vinyl Shampoo Cape

Morris-Flamingo White and Black Plaid Plastic Shampoo Cape

Morris-Flamingo Clear Plastic Vinyl Make-Up Cape

Morris-Flamingo Black Plastic Vinyl Hair Stylist Operator Apron

Hess Wine Colored Vinyl Shampoo Cape

Hess Light Blue Nylon Haircutting Cape

White Polyester Shampoo Cape - Machine Washable
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