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perm video to be shot in September + other updates!

In one of the YouTube videos, I showed up my latest treasures of perm rods and rollers that I received from Hess' grandson. One of the treasures turned out to be "pen stick" perm rods. But I had no idea how these were used and I couldn't find them existing online. So what's a gal to do? Take them to Carmen, of course!

Carmen, the genius hair stylist, played around with some of the pen stick perm rods in my hair at the salon.

She figured out how they work and we're planning on shooting the video in September. I'm currently casting a model for the video.

Now, other news! On Sunday, I teamed up with James the Stylist to shoot a video of a woman with waist long hair receiving a asymmetrical pixie haircut. OMG, she looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G in her new shorter hairstyle! I nearly jumped in the chair after she left.

I'll have a few photos to share within the next week or two. That's when I'll start editing the video.

Also on Sunday, I finally found some time to bleach my roots. I'm supposed to sport an updo for another video and I want my hair to look great. I really wish that my husband knew how to roll or set hair. So I'm going to try it myself tomorrow. I'm not going to film it as I'd be way too embarrassed to show myself fumbling about (haha, I know, that's what my YouTube Live videos are usually for, right?). I've been so spoiled in the past having my hair always done for me. Thus, I'm going to take some "me" time and finally spend some time on myself to learn this wonderful stuff.

Once I get all these fun things done, I'll book a studio to shoot guys in my chair for a YouTube Live. I haven't forgotten; just had to put a few things, uh ahem, a lot of things on hold for awhile.

Oh, and my haircut! I haven't forgotten about that either. You have no idea how much I can't wait to cut it. You know, I've learned something over the summer, as I've been doing a lot of yard work - I'm not a long hair type of gal. For me, it gets in the way too much. Although, long hair is a lot of fun to sway across my bare shoulders or cover it in lots of foamy, bubbly shampoo lather and rock a tall fohawk in the shower.

I promised to take a few videos while I still have my long hair. Once I've accomplished them, off to the barbershop I go, with cameras in hand. :) With a bit of research, I found the name of the cut to be "rockabilly fade."
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