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Enjoy today's edition of hair in the news. A big thank you to Scott for the articles below.

Sebastian Stan Knows What to Do with that Grown-Out Buzz Cut

History’s Wealthiest Women Used Gold Dust, Leeches, and Sulfuric Acid to Style Their Hair

InStyle: Which Hairstyle Got Me the Most Dates?

VICE: why shaved hair is such an important part of the lesbian identity

InStyle: Why 95.8% of Female Newscasters Have the Same Hair
https://Why 95.8% of Female Newscasters Have the Same Hair

The Most Popular Haircuts and Colors for Fall, According to Celeb Stylist Riawna Capri

These 15 Examples of Celebs With Honey Blonde Hair Are Too Good to Ignore

I Wore A Tight Ponytail For A Week & FYI, I Will NOT Be Trying It Again

I Embraced My Gray Hair — But No One Else Did

I Tried The "Brush Your Hair 100 Times A Day" Old Wives' Tale & It Was A Disaster
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