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Today's edition of Hair in the News is brought to you by Scott and Jim. Enjoy!

Ariana Grande Just Made a Huge Post-Engagement Hair Change

15 Instagram Accounts To Follow Before Your Next Haircut

Women’s hair loss: how to prevent and treat it – the lifestyle changes and products you need, and those you should avoid

Strandlighting Is the New Balayage

Demi Lovato's New Hair Color Is So Unexpected

Roseanne Barr Debuts Fresh New Hairstyle
https://Roseanne Barr Debuts Fresh New Hairstyle

15 Updos That Make Thin Hair Look 10 Times Thicker

10 Chic Shorter Hair Cuts

Castor Oil for Hair Growth: The Truth According to Experts | Allure

The Biggest Hair Color Trend Of 2018 Is Still Going Strong

It Is Wild That Men’s Haircuts Are So Cheap

We're Calling It: Perms Are Back — & More Wearable Than Ever

Kitchen-Sink Curls - Southern Living

6 Hairstyles to Hide Your Thinning Hair

Demi Lovato Dyes Her Hair Blonde On Instagram Stories | Allure

This Long Shiny Hair Video Is What Hair Goals Are Made Of
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