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hair in the news

Enjoy today's edition of hair in the news. Thank you, Greg and Scott, for the links!

Jada Pinkett Smith opens up about her hair loss

Six Women With Alopecia Explain How Hair Loss Changed Their Outlooks on Beauty

This "Blurred Blonde" Hair-Color Transformation Is Going Viral on Instagram

I Found My Signature Haircut at Age 3, and I've Never Looked Back

Potential new cure found for baldness

Katy Perry Just Brought Back One of Her Old School Hairstyles

Katy Perry's New Hairstyle Is the Complete Opposite of the Pixie

Meet the Hollywood Actress Who Cut Off Her Bombshell Hair to Become a Roman Catholic Nun

Inflammation can turn your hair grey | Cosmos

This App Helps You Get the 'Perfect Haircut' Everytime

Why Does Hair Turn Gray? Scientists May Have Found a New Answer

I Got My Hair Done At the Highest Rated Yelp Salon in Brooklyn - HelloGiggles
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