haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

male hair model needed for May 26th YouTube Live

I have booked a studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA to shoot a YouTube Live video of me giving a guy a haircut. I'm not going to do anything fancy, but I will have some fun with the guards before buzzing it down. I'm looking for a guy who would like me to cut his hair for a YouTube Live video. This is unpaid - I'm not paying the male hair model and the male hair model is not paying me. If this YouTube Live haircut is successful, I may do more and also do lather shaves and etc. This one is more of a test.

Serious inquires only, as I don't want to have everything ready at the studio and no one shows. For those interested, you can email me at

I'll be sure to bring all of my capes and my salon chair. If all goes well, it will be fun.
Tags: hair model wanted, youtube live

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