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all cleaned up

Yesterday was so wonderfully warm -- 68 degrees, that I did things around the house, bought some storage containers, and cleaned up my shop.  Everything is nice and neat again.  The vintage Sanek container needs to be installed on the wall though.  It'll be perfect and much more accessible there, instead of a ceramic jar where they sit now. 

I purchased an old 1940's or so nail polish bottle.  I cleaned it out and began pouring red nail polish into that bottle when after I sit it down, it got knocked over and splashed nail polish all over my station, jars, and sterilizing box.  It looked like some kind of mouse massacre.  I got it all cleaned up, but the station has a red residue.

After organizing all my perm rods and curlers (omg, do I have soooo many Toni spin-curlers!), I found some stuff that I will probably never use or won't use again.  I'll be listing those on ebay soon.  First I need to take photos.

Oh, over the weekend I stopped at an estate sale.  I didn't have too much time to look; someone got hurt and an ambulance was called, and I didn't want to be in the way.  I did find an old matchbook cover that featured LB hair oil.  I never realized that companies advertised their wares on matchbook covers.  But it makes sense since smoking used to be very popular back then. 

Are matchbooks still made anymore?  I haven't seen them since I was a kid. 

The match boxes were fun.  I used to stack and glue them together to make a dresser for my Barbies.  (It helped that my father was an avid smoker so I could do things like that).

Whenever I have the time, I'll scan in that LB matchbook cover.
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