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Enjoy today's edition of hair in the news. Thank you, Greg, Jim, & Scott for the articles.

The "Sunset Pastel" Hair-Color Trend Is the Prettiest Way to Go Rainbow This Spring

The Bald and the Beautiful: Is There Any Better Time to Take It All Off?

Kim Kardashian Has Pastel Pink Hair & She Insists It's The Real Thing

What Cutting My Hair Off Taught Me About “Self Care” | Allure

Hailey Baldwin Just Pulled Off Two Risky Hair Trends at Once

The 4 Best Ingredients to Use If Your Hair Is Thinning

An Inside Look at Texas's Culture of Big Hair

This Is How Much It Costs to Buy Human Hair Around the World

Kim Kardashian debuts drastic pink hair do

After 264 Haircuts, a Marriage Ends

This Temporary Hair Color Hack Is Genius (And More Effective Than Chalk)

'Ghosted' hair is a new hair color trend this winter
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