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I just finished the basic editing of the 1950's Deb Cold Wave Perm.  Now I'm watching and listening to it in case any adjustments are needed.  I will try to make this video's audio surround sound instead of stereo.  

The video is just under 3 hours and 20 minutes.  It should be ready for purchase on DVD and VOD on Friday.

Once this is ready, I'll upload the next updo video on youtube.

Oh, for those who wish to visit my shop, please give me at least a week's notice.  My shop is very messy at the moment with all my new finds, mostly perm rods and curlers, and I need time to put everything away.  I've begun taking over a larger area than originally promised, and was told to re-organize the place.  I have yet to find time to do so.  I've been watching a yard (and a houseful!) of kids all week.

And yes, I'll try to get the webcam working soon.  Since I'm not planning any videos in my shop at the moment, getting the webcam working again hasn't been my highest priority.

I've had several people ask how I'm able to keep my hair healthy with all the perming, coloring, bleaching, and styling that I do to it.  So I thought I'd post that info here.  I rarely use irons, hair dryers, hair spray, and gel, unless I'm preparing for a video or photo shoot.  When I wash my hair, every other day or so, I do a quick shampoo and a very long conditioning.  I use hot water in the beginning, and switch to cooler water for the rinse to close the pores.

Diet may have something to do with it too.  I try to stay away from simple sugars and simple carbs -- so foods without corn syrup and things made with whole grains.  I very rarely eat beef.  I cook with 99% lean turkey.  For snacks, I eat natural (no sugar or salt added) peanut butter on whole grain bread where you can see the grains, cereal, and kippers.  I tend to eat a lot of fish and shrimp.  

I don't smoke, I don't do drugs or take medications unless they are very needed, and I rarely drink alcohol anymore.  I used to eat a lot more junk food, but with braces, I've pretty much stopped eating candy and other sweets.  And I drink a lot of water now.

As for my hair, I leave it down most of the time.  Sometimes I wear a head band, or pull the sides up and fasion a hair clip.  When I do put my hair into a ponytail, mostly for the gym, I use a scrunchi, never anything elastic, as I heard that too tight of a ponytail can cause hair breakage.

To dry my hair after a shower, I always bend over and with a towel, gently grab my hair by the tips, scrunch it and bring it up and scrunch again.  This helps give my hair waves and body.   And it leaves that sexy wild wet look that my hubby likes.   :)

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