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As I had a series of photo shoots and video shoots this weekend, I needed to touch up my roots. Looking through all my hair chemicals, I was surprised that I had run out of bleach. While at the store, I spotted a lovely shade of red. I bought it when I purchased the bleach. Now, at home, I have denim hair dye and red. But before I do any of those, I'm going to do a rainbow of hair color, thanks to Paul's lovely gift of hair chalk, as seen in this video

You'll see me putting some of the colors into my hair in that video. Lesson later learned - put those colors on damp hair. I may ask a friend to do this to me in a future video.

Once I do that, then I'll move onto the denim and then red. With the X-Files back on TV, I enjoy having my hair color similar to Diana Scully's. =D

Over the weekend, I had my husband wrap my hair around straws. And then he soaked my hair in setting lotion.

I dabbed the strawed hair with a towel and covered my hair in a white hairnet. Then I went to bed.

In the morning, I tried shooting a video of the straw removal with my iPhone. My phone died right before my husband removed the straws. We turned the phone back on to get video of the last straw removal and the brush out. While you don't see my husband's reaction to the brush out, you hear my laughter as his jaw dropped to the floor. When my hair is straight and down, it looks like I don't have a lot of hair. But boy can curls and a brush fool ya. Here's what my hair looked like yesterday and today

I did a quick video showing off my hair at

Anyway, I'll start working on the straw video shoot to publish on YouTube later this month.
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