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Welcome to today's edition of hair in the news. Enjoy!

What I Wish I'd Known Before Shaving My Head

Baby Bangs Are the New Haircut Trend You Need to Know

Reverse Brunette Balayage Is the New Hair-Color Technique You Need to Know

This Woman’s Polarizing Mullet Is Going Viral on Instagram

17 Seriously Stunning Bobs That Prove Long Hair Isn't The Only Way

The Real Housewives' Most Dramatic Hair Changes Ever

This Is One of the Most Popular Hairstyles For Southern Brides

I Tried This Major Hair Transformation — & This Is What I Learned

18 Balayage Hair Pictures You Should Show Your Stylist Next Time You Want A Change

The Best Hairstyles at the 2018 Grammy Awards

This Is Why Hairstylists Love Cutting Your Hair With Razors

15 Celebs Who Tried Rose Gold Hair and Looked AMAZING
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