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Enjoy today's edition of Hair in the News. Thank you, Jim, for several link submissions!

5 Hair Trends That'll be Out in 2018 — And 5 You're About to See Everywhere

The 16 Best Hair-Color Trends Inspired by Food in 2017
Enjoy today's edition of hair in the news. Thank you to Jim and Scott for the links!

30 Coconut Oil Uses for Beauty: Unexpected Hair & Skin Benefits

Meet Real-Life Rapunzel, a Woman Whose Natural Hair Is Almost 4-Feet Long

Lauren Conrad Just Got Her Shortest Haircut Yet

Great photos of Jennifer Kirby's short hair

TV program, Bachelor, has it's first woman with short hair

The New Essence Is a Salon-Chair Dream Come True

Rihanna Reveals Waist-Length Hair in Trendy "Root Beer" Color

The Year in Kate Middleton’s Hair, 2017 Edition Photos

All About Lauren Conrad's Hair Evolution

Definitive Proof That The Cinnamon Hair Trend Looks Yummy On Everyone

How To Wash Your Hair The Right Way in 6 Simple Steps

Long Hair, Don’t Care – James Heathers – Medium

We Tried It: 'Candle Cutting' at the Royal Hair Salon

"Shadow Roots" Are The New It-Girl Color Trend — With A Playful Twist

Kate Hudson or Leonardo DiCaprio: Who Wore '90s Hair Better? - Vogue

The '90s Mulled Wine color is back, and now we really want to dye our hair dark cherry red

Move Over Blondies: Redheads Are Proven To Be Genetically Gifted, As Per Research

Return of the Scrunchie! How to Wear The Season's Best Ugly-Chic Hair Accessory

Katy Perry's Got a Brand-New Bleach Blond Lob

I Cut Hair, And In 2017 I Helped Men Look Less Fascist

The Hair Color Trend London Girls Can't Get Enough Of Right Now

Stylist uses giant scissors

Brave Woman Finally Sheds Wig After Hiding Bald Head For Years And Earns A Modeling Contract

Zendaya Just Debuted Her Most Dramatic Hair Change Yet

Claire Foy Says She Was Treated Differently After Dyeing Her Hair Dark

Rose McGowan arrested over felony cocaine warrant (photos of her with short hair)

If you don't eat this, you may go bald

Four (4) female U.S. Navy sailors from the U.S. Princeton donate their hair
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