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I'm at 2 hours on the Deb Cold Wave perm video.  It's going to end up being around 3 hours and 20 minutes, more or less.

There's some very cool close ups and other shots.  I'm quite pleased how it turned out, although the perm solution didn't work (we used actual perm solution from the 1950s).   :)

I think once I get this video done, then I'll throw the freebie updo (this updo can be seen in the Alucard Face Shave and Haircut video) on youtube.  I heard that some of you like my videos because you never know what I'm going to wear -- and what I wear is usually fashionable.  This free video is no different -- neon orange leotard, 1950's scarf/tie, and I forget what else I wore with it.  It'll definately be a sight!  :D

Other things going on in my life: I'm going to go back into photography a bit.  I bought a new domain today.  And began working on the new site.  

My son's school has me taping more stuff for them now.  And I'll be getting footage from some of the parents to use for the school.  Yep, very big project coming up.

Tags: deb cold wave, my life

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