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shampoo video on YouTube

As several folks have been asking for a shampoo video and to see black latex gloves being worn, I created a video for YouTube at https://youtu.be/QiINJEr7bx0

For the new year, I wanted a new hair color. Just before Christmas, I purchased a couple of boxes of mint semi-permanent hair color. A day or so later when dropping off little Christmas bags of goodies to the neighborhood kids, one neighbor noticed how long my hair was. She had never seen me with long hair before. We talked about my upcoming plans of coloring my hair mint green. She was surprised. She was also planning on coloring her hair the same color! (Oh, and I should mention that she is a professional stylist). She said that we should trade photos when we're done.

On New Year's Eve day, I bleached my hair, and then covered my head with two tubes of the mint green hair color. After processing, I shampooed and conditioned it (see video above). The result - the mint green hair coloring didn't really turn out as planned. I sent my neighbor photos of this fail.

Then just yesterday she sent me a couple of photos of her new mint green hair. While the color was much more spread out, it wasn't fully colored...kinda like mine. So now I don't feel so bad that my color didn't take very well. I will be trying one more time before moving onto a different color.

Oh, I bought a bunch of pin curler clips as I want to get some waves into my hair at some point.

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