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Hair in the news

Enjoy's today's edition of hair in the news. Thank you Greg and Scott for your additions to the hair in the news!

In Defense of the $25 Bob: How to Get the Cool Girl–Approved Cut

solange-approved hairstylist jawara wauchope turns braids into butterfly wings

Lily Collins Just Made Her Most Drastic Hair Color Change Yet

"Glitterage" Is the Perfect Combination of Balayage and Sparkle Your Hair Needs

New children's book about a bald princess teaches kids a magical lesson

Amber Rose is Growing Out Her Hair For a Reason That’ll Make Ariana Grande Proud

Horrific moment female factory worker is SCALPED after getting her hair caught in a machine

This Trending Hashtag Is Inspiring Some Of The Coolest Haircuts

This Rainbow Star Hair Is So Lisa Frank and So Right

Jourdana Phillips on why bringing natural hair to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is so important

These 5 Instagram Stars Just Stepped Up the Holiday Hair Game

Kylie Jenner Chopped Off More Of Her Hair, and I Need to See the Whole Thing NOW

Is it just me? Or should hairdressers cut the jargon?

Hair Crimping Is Trendy Again, and I'm So Confused About It

Priyanka Chopra Just Got This Season's Trendiest Haircut

Pregnant Chrissy Teigen's New Bangs Might Be the Haircut of the Year

Kylie Jenner Just Let Jordyn Woods Chop Off Her Hair

The Next Big Hair Trend Is the Complete Opposite of the Bob

Fashion daredevil Nicole Richie flaunts purple highlights on Instagram

Buzz Cuts Are the Ultimate Sign of Female Power
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