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hair in the news

Enjoy today's edition of hair in the news!

How did five women feel when they dared to go ginger?

Drew Barrymore Got a Fresh Lob Haircut for a BIG Reason

Changing Your Hair Color Changes Everything

This Woman Used Relaxer on Her Bleached Hair — and It ALL Broke Off

Here's How Blake Lively's Stylist Tricked You Into Thinking She Cut Her Hair

How to Make Sure Your Hairstyle Doesn't Cause Your Hair Loss

Woman with Alopecia lives without a wig and wants to normalise it

Drew Barrymore Gets Back at Internet Trolls by Treating Herself with a Glam Day and New Haircut

People Are Matching Their Hair Color to Their Favorite LaCroix Flavor

Dear Red Ombré Hair, We Are Officially in Love with You

This Pretty Little Liars Star Just Made the Most Drastic Hair Color Change Ever

This Is Why You Can't Stop Playing With Your Hair

Chloë Grace Moretz Has a New Boyfriend and a Shocking New Hair Color
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