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Besides creating videos, I like to make other things as well. The other day, I created some magnetic hair rollers clip art.

Feel free to use that clip art however you wish. (Click on the photo to reveal a larger size or visit I was going to make a "find the barber pole" in a mess of hair rollers, but creating the barber pole is being a pain, and I don't have time to work on it at the moment.

On my video computer, a cute video is being rendered. There is a little bit of self hair cutting involved in it. This video called, "Give a gift of yourself," will be released on December 11th on my YouTube channel at Be sure to subscribe to be notified when this video is available.

Here's a screen shot of this video in After Effects. It's a bit messy, but what you see is the tracking that is being key framed in this video. (I forgot my Santa hat, so I'm putting one on in post). You won't see this mess in the actual video...hopefully!

While going through my video computer, I found older footage from a micro-braid removal. If there's anything interesting, I may cut a short video from it and post it on YouTube.
Tags: clip art, rollers, video editing, video release

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