haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

capes and today's shoot

I'm not sure how you spend your Friday nights, but I spent it making several salon capes. :) On Saturday, I did a YouTube Live where I made a barbershop cape. You can watch it at Later that evening, I made another barbershop cape. I have a few videos to shoot with my barber chair, and then I'll have someone cape me with all the capes that I've made this weekend.

I saved some of the fabric to make ties. I thought that it would be a nice touch to have a matching set.

Today's shoot is to capture footage for the ASMR forced haircut that many people have asked me to create. While this one is going to be a lot of work, it will be a fun challenge as I am using After Effects to achieve the look and special effects that I want.

Once this video is finished, it'll be posted on YouTube at some point. Be sure to watch for the video posting schedule at for its release date. I also need to finish a special Christmas video too. It's going to be a hoot.
Tags: cape video, video shoot

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