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Hair in the news

Check out today's edition of hair in the news.

We Have The Exclusive Details On Beyoncé's New Fall Hair Color

These Super Short Bangs Are Tearing Instagram Apart

How A Major Haircut Got Me Through The Biggest Breakup Of My Life

"Vanilla Milkshake" Hair Proves the Ombré Trend Is Evolving

Quiz: Which Hairstyle Should You Try Next?

Found: 13 of the Best Hairstyles for Round Faces

Mid-life hair crisis? Hairdresser Anthony Nader reveals his top tips

4 Seriously Pretty Hairstyles With Velvet Bows

Katie Holmes Got a Pixie Cut and Everyone Thinks She Looks Like Kris Jenner Now

This Is the One Hair Length That's Flattering on Everyone

This New Hair Dye Lets Brunettes Get Unicorn Hair Without Bleach

12 Ways to Style Your Hair Post-Workout

Katie Holmes Just Chopped Off All of Her Hair

Solange's Hair Stylist Reveals The Truth About That Hair Sculpture

5 Classic Short Haircuts That Will Always Be in Style
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