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reactions to my new haircolor

I was pounced on before I could get to my desk. One of my co-workers who used do fun hair colors and haircuts told me how much she loves my new color. She said that she loves the denim and gray hair color trend on Instagram and asked if that is where I got my idea from. She told me that she was hoping that I was going to show up with a new hair color soon.

Here's my hair from the other day. After washing it, I had it braided for waves.

Yesterday, one of my male co-workers remarked that my hair was getting longer. (None of my co-workers have ever seen me with long hair before). He wanted to know how I dye my hair after he told me horror stories of "bleaching" his hair with peroxide and then dying his hair black. His hair would get so fried that he would eventually shave it all off. I told him how to use bottle bleach, a processing cap, and a hair dryer. I told him that there are many temporary hair dyes out there and powders & other touch up products so he doesn't need to do the full process every month. I'm curious to see if he dyes his hair. I'd like for him to get a haircut, and I suggested one from the 1930s or so that would look great on him. I almost told him to come over for a hair play date, but stopped as I don't know him that well and I don't want it to be mistaken as a real date. He's cute, but I'm married. =D
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