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Hair in the news

A weekend edition of hair in the news...

Woman Shaves 40 Inches of Hair for "Brave the Shave" Campaign

4 Ways to Open a Salon That Inspires Envy

Cara Delevingne Gave Her Hair the Ultimate Fall Makeover — See the Stunning New 'Do

How to Heal a Scalp Irritated by Protective Styling

Hayley Williams Explains Why Hair Is a “Very Emotional Thing,” and Why She’d Never Wear This Hair Color

Hairstyles That’ll Take Years Off Your Face

Watch the bizarre evolution of ladies' pubic hair care

How to Get Ryan Gosling's Blade Runner 2049 Haircut

Cara Delevingne Has Done Another Drastic Thing To Her Hair

Cara Delevingne Suits Every Single Hairstyle, and Here's the Proof
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