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Okay, I tested my camera, and it's working fine.  Thank you, Canon!  :)

I forgot the mention that the other day that when I stopped at Sally's Beauty, they had new chemical different colors.  I got the pack with pink, blue, and lavendar gloves.  Both Trish and I wore these gloves when I had my highlights done.

Also, Sally's has new capes.  There are some very nice shiny satin capes, but at $27.00 each.  So I passed on those (for now, I will be back!) and purchased a gold-colored shampoo cape. 

Within the month or so, I'm going to post an entire video free on youtube.  I just don't have the time to edit it.  There are three angles of this updo video, but I'm just going to post the angle where my reflection can be seen in the mirror, and put the rest of the tapes away.

If someone would like to provide me with their rapidshare or whatever account, I can post the high-quality verison there too.  Everytime I have a rapidshare/file sharing account to put a video in, it expires because I never log in to the account again.  

I'm so tired, I almost forgot!  I updated the FAQ page and added links to it to make the answers and questions easier to find.  

A new page has also been added, and can be found on the FAQ page.  Several people have asked me how they too can sell videos.  So I wrote up a step-by-step article on this subject.  The direct url is

*yawn*  Good night!
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