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Hair in the news

Enjoy today's hair in the news segment.

Salma Hayek’s Drastic Hair Transformation Makes Change Look Easy

Man cuts off his Mohawk with chainsaw and garden shears

How to Quickly Create Waves With a Flatiron - Easy Hair Hacks

Bring Back the Mullet! The ’80s Hairstyle Finds Fresh Swagger on the Paris Runway

What to Eat for Healthy Hair — The Best Foods for Your Hair

Woman With Wavy Waist-Length Hair Got a Major Haircut

This Woman Dyed Her Waist-Length Hair Rainbow in Just 4 Hours

Nina Dobrev Confirms Everyone Is Getting Bangs and a Bob Right Now

Why You Should Just Say No to the "Mom Bob" Haircut

How to Avoid A Botched Dye Job at the Salon

Kate Winslet Once Cut a Piece of a Guy's Ear Off While Giving Him a Haircut

How Do I Wash My Hair If I Have Extensions?

Kate Hudson’s Son Accused Her of Cramping His Style with New Buzz Cut
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